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latest gaming technology

latest gaming technology

latest gaming technology

The latest gaming technology in world very famous these days. Bluetooth gaming technology also now very famous so we can discuss about few latest gaming technology.Triton Warhead 7.1 the Triton Warhead 7.1 Wireless Surround Headset is for a gamer. who wants a wireless audio solution. It delivers a great surround as well as  sound mix without annoying static or interference from other devices. And the two high capacity batteries ensure that you are always in the game! It’s a great way to experience gaming with friends online, and with the cutting edge design you will always feel you are in the heaven of the games.Sony Pulse Wireless Headset: Elite Edition
As a $150 wireless headset, the Pulse offers fine sound quality at a reasonable price. Its compatibles with the PS 3 well to give the ultimate gaming experience. Having the unit’s battery life and mix settings it is very convenient and makes for a nicely integrated experience. Simply put, the Sony Pulse Wireless Headset: Elite Edition is a great headset.Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset

latest gaming technology

latest gaming technology is creative

The Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset: A truly wireless setup for any PC if you seek a gaming experience with good quality sounds. Boasting some rather massive 50mm speakers as well as the wireless USB adapter is able to stream uncompressed THX-quality audio. that thanks to the free software that you’ll have to download. This masterpiece can also be translated to watching movies listening to music etc. still being very good. delivery the best in audio quality. They’re truly wireless, easy to set-up as well as boast impressive battery life. While updated software is a must, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these headphones.Tritton AX Pro

latest gaming technology
The Tritton AX Pro surround sound headphones comes to you with their own Dolby Digital 5.1 decoder module. Employ a quartet of dedicated channel drivers in each ear cup. The Tritton AX Pro are at their best with games. In-game Dolby Digital processing dynamically steers audio effects. Based on what you’re doing in the game. There’s a sense of purpose to their sound steerage which replicates a multi-speaker sound system. The cans can also be used with a Blu-ray/DVD player, and Xbox 360 or PS3.

latest gaming technology
I have added few latest game technology items above. Most of the young people these days using Bluetooth technology. So it is very easy way to play game as well as interesting way to play games. so people love that. You also can try it for low cost.


VR along with buddies

Supporters of virtual reality are usually eager to fight back against among the platform’s key criticisms: which it is identifying. Dave Ranyard, earlier studio head of Sony London and today a completely independent VR developer, clarified at a panel discussion which he believes the future of VR is a social one, and that it will likely be about being transported to a different place as well as doing something cool with your friends.

Within the opening keynote, Oculus’s head of developer technique, Anna Sweet, said: “When you obtain a couple together in a virtual space, and you also actually get to see how they proceed and just how they talk, and exactly how they interact with the entire world, it allows you to connect as if you were really actually in that room with them. And it is pretty powerful.” She recounted a story where two different people who had never met, however had spent 5 to 10 minutes in a VR space together, were able to recognise one another by the way they moved. Solomon Rogers, co-founder of a VR digital agency called Rewind, told an extremely similar story in his talk “Consumer Virtual Reality - Expect or Hype?”, explaining his capability to recognise another VR player as his wife from her gestures alone.

Even over and above what Sweet describes as the “generic blue head and place of hands”, VR is a physical knowledge, and perhaps with more social areas, like virtual reality arcades or multiplayer VR games, the medium will be more about a shared space of collaboration than solitary play.


Physically collaborative video games

Virtual reality and it is experimental tech contemporaries are usually exploring innovative ways to incorporate the body as a lot more an anchor to the physical world. As Ghislaine Boddington, creative director of body> data> space, mentioned in her talk on digital fact and the “internet of bodies”, the wish for the future is in identifying and also enhancing physical bodies in games as well as play. She provides technologies like programmable gels combined with the body in more intimate ways, for example rubbing “gels on to erogenous zones”, permitting partners to “connect with each other at a distance”.

Boddington also mentioned the future of physically collaborative as well as increasingly social spaces in AR, as noticed in the very famous Pokémon Go: “Pokémon Go is definitely a collaborative share space. The Pokémon Go site, together with many more, allow the individual to join with all the group into the middle, both in a physical and also a virtual way.”

Benefits of the physical are vast, as Robin Hunicke, co-founder as well as creative director of Funomena (Woorld, Luna) and previously of thatgamecompany (Journey), mentioned on the psychological impact of VR caused by gestural controls, and identifying the capacity of range of movements from players. Exactly what does it mean for a player, psychologically, to encourage them to stand tall and strike a strong pose? What may possibly it mean to force them into a crouched position, to feel small? The necessity for an embodied experience in VR also raises new questions, for example what the platform offers by way of accessibility.

These types of latest gaming technology is very famous so that you all can try it out.

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