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Take full advantage of your iPhone’s bluetooth

iPhone's bluetooth

Take full advantage of your iPhone's Bluetooth

Really useful to think that the iPhone as well as iPod touch got Bluetooth hardware for a long period before Apple truly activated it inside the os. Nobody except Uncle Steve definitely knows exactly why, however perhaps it goes some way toward describing why Apple really does not appear to be a fan of short-range wireless connectivity.

Wireless Bluetooth needs to be one of the iPhone's, iPod touch's and also iPad's least exploited hardware features - especially from Apple's viewpoint - and we thought we would take a look at the best way to make the best of your iDevice's most neglected asset.

Game playing

Bluetooth's 2nd most favored iPhone software has to be multi-player gaming. However is actually pretty uncommon that a game only works with Bluetooth for hooking up devices throughout play, and you also might well have deliberated whether it absolutely was a worthwhile task switching on the seldom-used Bluetooth option when local Wi-Fi or online connections are also available.

The quick answer is yes; that it is certainly worth bringing Bluetooth online when the option is there. Undoubtedly Bluetooth takes a toll on the iPhone's battery-life, however, not nearly as much as Wi-Fi or even a full-pelt 3G connection does. Among the list of founding principles of Bluetooth was which it boasted low power consumption compared to other wireless options and that holds true.

However it's not possible just low-powered. Bluetooth is also a much more stable than Wi-Fi or 3G, mainly because it's only reliant on your proximity to the Bluetooth device you're connecting to. Is actually unaffected by shaky or even overloaded wireless networks, or inefficient routers, or rising and falling cellular data signals. Like a Class 2 unit, you preferably need to be within a 10-metre radius from the other Bluetooth devices, and also the connection will be as solid as if it were a hardwired cable.

Therefore make Bluetooth your network of choice in multiplayer gaming or even nearby device-to-device communication and remember to switch it back off afterwards.


In case you are making use of Bluetooth, the chances are it requires the form of a wireless headset or perhaps a car kit. If this were not for the expansion of Bluetooth ear tackle, we would dare to recommend Apple would have left Bluetooth off the iPhone's spec sheet completely.

However in these unstable times of deep, dark recession, flashing a tasty touch screen about the place is never a good idea, so an inexpensive Bluetooth headset offsets the fashion catastrophe of wearing one with the security of keeping your Apple device out of sight.

Obviously, it need not be a small, cheap piece of ear candy. The iDevices help A2DP, which means it may send full two-way audio amongst the Bluetooth earphones and also the handset. This also includes protocols for accepting voice commands and also remote button presses, so that you can control the music you're listening to wirelessly and create and receive calls without exposing your iPhone to sunlight.

It is also damn useful when watching movies on the train or even bus, as it eliminates the tanglesome wire within a cramped environment. Top tip.

Walkie Talkies

Talking about device-to-device communication, there are a great number of applications available that will help you to save money on unnecessary calls, and may bring your iPod touch or even iPad into your communication realm usually lorded over by the iPhone.

Walkie talkie applications (for want of a much better explanation) are loaded over on the Appstore, a replacement of mobile phone signals for two-way Bluetooth chats. Install it on both - or even all - your iDevices and you could create a excellent version of the tin cans and wet string for chatting about the house, out into the garden, as well as in case you are in convoy with the car behind.

A few of these apps use a push-to-talk method, like real walkie talkies, which slashes it down to one-way audio, however that's not a huge problem. You may even enjoy the authenticity of having the first word of every phrase cut off as people start communicating before pressing the button.

Other people work as full handsets, and since the iPod touch 4 and also iPad also have mics nowadays, Bluetooth can turn them in to a great way to talk between rooms without having off the sofa. And also what's technology for, otherwise for promoting idleness?


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