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Bluetooth Versions

Bluetooth Versions

Bluetooth Versions

Bluetooth Versions 1.1 and also earlier

Bluetooth Versions
Since the technology of Bluetooth Versions was released in 1998, numerous specification versions have been released. Versions 1.0 and 1.0B had a lot of issues and also problems for manufacturers to develop devices  for Bluetooth. The primary issue was the lack of communication among the devices.

The core specs version 1.1 is definitely the first  successful operating version of Bluetooth. Version 1.1 fixed a majority of the bugs as well as problems found in earlier versions.

Bluetooth Version 1.2
Most of the newer Bluetooth devices, for example the  newer mobile phones are being sold with the newer Bluetooth version 1.2. This version offers backward compatibility with Bluetooth 1.1, faster transmitting speeds, received signal strength, and a host controller interface (HCI) support for 3 wire UART.

Bluetooth version 2.0

Bluetooth Versions
It’s correct that there may be multiple communication technologies, although they all share one common
trait – faster is better. Bluetooth professionals realized this, and therefore worked on improving the rates of speed of version 1.2. The newest version,  version 2.0 + EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) was  accounced in 2004 to become available in late 2005.

Version 2.0 delivers data transfer rates of up to three times that of the first version of Bluetooth. Version 2.0 also provides enhanced connection. With Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, you will be able to run much more devices simultaneously – with more efficiency. Computer systems and even computer related devices are expected to be some of the first devices to  encorporate Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, followed of  course by audio and imaging devices.

Bluetooth Versions

Version 2.0 is backwards suitable for previous versions, 3 times faster, and offers an enhanced data rate of 2.1 MB a second. It also provides broadcast as well as multicast support, along with a further enhanced bit error rate performance, making it the very best Bluetooth has ever seen.

Bluetooth version 3.0

Bluetooth 3.0, generally known as high speed, is actually considerably faster than Bluetooth 2.0. Many wireless earbuds operate with 3.0 technology that enables for a faster transfer rate at 20 megabits per second. And also boosted power control. Which means that a mobile phone can transform to operate at the minimum power level necessary to still maintain a quality connection with your wireless earbuds. Moreover, while still growing the power if the Bluetooth connection if you were to move the phone further from the headsets.
Bluetooth version 4.0
Bluetooth Versions
When Bluetooth 4.0 was developed, the upgrade boasted several extra features like improved connectivity as well as range. However what is most advantageous for audiophiles and also anyone especially interested in the internet of things is the Low Energy protocol.
Bluetooth version  4.1

Bluetooth Low Energy protocol implies you are able to rock your wireless Bluetooth earbuds a lot longer. LE permits smart devices to remain connected for longer periods of time without having draining the battery. Bluetooth 4.1 took LE to a new level. The 4.1 technology, which can be currently featured in earbuds like the MEE x7 Plus, wireless earbuds as well as others can better manage their power and that of the device. They are paired to by instantly powering down and up based on a power plan. Revious releases of Bluetooth technology often interfered with other wireless technology, like 4G LTE communication, however the latest development was also made to fix that problem.
Bluetooth version  4.2

The latest iteration of Bluetooth is 4.2 technology. Based on CSR, point two upgrade is said to significantly increase speed from 27 to 251 bytes which implies super speedy downloads that can be up to 2.6 times faster than older Bluetooth versions. I doubt no matter if there is any opposition to this feature. Furthermore privacy upgrades have been included, meaning system’s like Apple’s iBeacon can not automatically track you unless you have enabled the system to do so with your device. Hmm… sounds like anti-Apple stalking technology.

Bluetooth version 5.0

Bluetooth Versions

This newest version comes With 4x range. 2x speed as well as 8x broadcasting message capacity, the improvements of Bluetooth 5 focus on boosting the functionality of Bluetooth for the IoT. These features, along with increased inter operability as well as coexistence with other wireless technologies. Continue to improve the IoT experience by allowing simple and easy effortless interactions across the huge selection of connected devices. They are going to introduce it 2017 this year. You can have great experience soon. Get some idea about Bluetooth Versions so you can have better user experience. Above Bluetooth Versions are very important to learn about it.




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